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Roommate Add Applications

Do you want to be added to a lease that is currently in progress? Then you need to fill out a roommate add application. Click below on ‘Apply Now’ to begin the application process. You will need to know the address of the unit that you are applying to, and the names of the occupants in the unit.


Roommate Add vs. Lease Takeover

Not sure if you are applying for a roommate add or for a lease takeover? Read below.

Roommate Add

  1. You are being added to a Lease. Either no one is leaving, or the Tenant leaving has completed their Lease Term and has chosen not to renew.

Lease Takeover

  1. You will be taking over the remainder of the Lease Term from Tenant(s) who have not completed their Lease Term.

Roommate Add Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the rent go up when another person is added to the lease? Units are priced at the rate of one person per bedroom; rent will increase by $25 per month for each additional person per bedroom.
  2. What is the parking situation? It depends as each building is different. If you are unclear what the parking situation will be, call the office at (360) 527-9829 to confirm.
  3. What happens after I submit an application? Once processed and approved, you will need to complete the following steps to finish the process:
    1. Pay the $50 Roommate Addition Fee to Apex in the office or online (This is a separate fee from the Application fee.).
    2. Read all related lease documents.
    3. Sign the Roommate Add Addendum. This can be done online or in the office.
    4. If you are replacing a Tenant who is leaving at the end of the current Lease Term, then the Outgoing Tenant should leave any keys and parking permits with the Tenant who stays. The Tenant who stays should give these keys and permits (if applicable) to you.
    5. If you are not replacing a Tenant, you will need to come to the office to check out keys and a parking permit (if applicable).
  4. When can I move into the unit? It is important that you do not move into the unit until all of the steps in #3 are completed.