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Once Approved

Now that the fun and exciting process of selecting and applying for a unit is complete, below is a list of steps regarding what happens after approval:

  1. The PRIMARY contact on the application will be called regarding the approval.
  2. All applicants will receive an email with all the related information (i.e. a Holding Deposit Agreement/Financial Page) to review BEFORE paying a holding deposit. Information on the Holding Deposit Agreement will include move in date, rent amount, deposit amount, expiration date, utilities included, parking spots allotted, etc. This information is provided to outline all lease terms so it is very important that you read this page carefully. Applicants must review the financial page in detail and discuss any changes or issues before submitting their deposit.
  3. A holding deposit will be required to be paid within 12 hours of approval. Payment can be made online or paid at our office by Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order only. Once the deposit is paid, it will be forfeited if the applicant backs out for any reason.
  4. A signed holding deposit form (which will be included with the emailed documents as discussed above) must be mailed, brought into our office or scanned and emailed to
    • You must also submit a driver’s license copy (if you haven’t already submitted this with your application) of everyone on the lease at the same time the deposit form is returned to our office with all expected tenant signatures.
    • Holding deposit becomes the security deposit once the lease is signed. This amount, is not considered rent.
  5. The lease is required to be signed within 72 hours after receiving it for electronic signature. If it is not signed in the required time, you may lose your deposit and the unit.
  6. All lease documents are sent to all approved applicants for e-signatures via your valid email address. Please make sure the email address you provide on the holding deposit form is accurate and is the one you check most often. It is important to keep an eye on your email as this can end up in junk folders on occasion.
  7. Leases that cannot be e-signed may be signed at our office by appointment only. Contact the application agent at or call our office to schedule an appointment.
  8. Once the lease is signed, you will be obligated under the terms of the entire lease. A unit is reserved and considered pre-leased only once the deposit is paid AND the lease is signed.