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Move Out Process

Every tenant expects a full refund of their deposit. The reality is this rarely happens. Why? Because the move out process is rushed by the tenant(s) and the unit is not returned in the same condition it was received. Most of the problem comes from cleaning. Each unit is received by a tenant having been professionally cleaned yet most tenants try to clean themselves and do not return the unit in the same clean condition. Even when cleaning is performed well, there are still many things missed since a tenant rarely goes back the next day to review their work in the same way they would have reviewed the unit at move in. PLEASE REMEMBER, even when units are returned EMPTY and in good condition, it may still take our office 2 to 5 days to turn the unit over due to minor maintenance, carpet cleaning, painting and cleaning that still may be needed in your unit. So you should expect to spend a couple of days in an empty unit cleaning it to get it back to its condition as well. In addition, when units aren’t returned back to us in their original condition, effectively you are now hiring us to do the work for you and as such you agree to the contractors we use and their prices.

The information below will guide you through the process to help provide ample time at move out to spend prepping the unit to be received back by our office in order to reduce the charges against your deposit.

General Move Out Procedures:

Approximately 1 month before move out:
Schedule all moving help well in advance of the move-out date. In order to vacate the unit on time and leave the unit clean, schedule to have all items removed from the unit at least 2 days prior to the move out date.

Approximately 2 weeks before the move out:

1) Please provide the post office with a forwarding address. You can do this on line at
2) Contact utility companies to transfer or cancel services. Electric must remain in your name until the date keys are returned to our office. Schedule directly with PSE to cancel charges as of the date keys are returned. Visit to transfer electric on-line. Do not forget to transfer cable, internet or other related services.

Approximately 2 days before the move out:

3) Remove all personal belongings at least 2 days BEFORE your lease expires to allow enough time for cleaning.
4) Clean your unit. Start this well in advance. Since keys are due by noon, do not wait until the day the lease expires. Review our Cleaning Check List and review the cleaning video link.
5) Remember, the carpets will be professionally cleaned at move out as per your Lease. Do not do this yourself. However, you must vacuum to remove any / all debris or additional charges may apply.
6) Do not leave any non-household furniture at the dumpster. You must schedule to dispose of these at a proper location.
7) Make sure these items are replaced or cleaned well before you leave to avoid these simple charges:
➢ Burned out light bulbs – if ceilings are too high to replace, leave new bulbs on the kitchen counter
➢ Non-conforming (not similar) light bulbs (all bulbs must be of similar type and 65 watts or less)
➢ Missing or dead smoke detector batteries – if ceilings are too high to replace, leave new batteries on the kitchen counter
➢ Drip pans (if you replace, they MUST be the proper size)
8) Complete the UNIT MOVE OUT FORM. We will send you this form as your Lease approaches expiration. Return this form when you return your keys.

The Day of Move Out:

9) By 12 NOON on the day your lease expires, return keys, parking permits, mailbox keys, storage keys, garage door openers, etc. to our office at 1801 F Street. To avoid long lines at our office on move out day, do not wait until 12 noon. Be there earlier in the morning. If you plan to mail the keys, make sure they are SECURE in the envelope and it is mailed well in advance to be received by our office by 12 noon of the expiration date.
10) An Apex employee will pull your file and compare all the items you are returning to the original check out sheet. Any discrepancies could result in a charge. For example, we take photo copies of all keys given. If we do not get those actual keys back, you will be charged to change the locks.
11) If you do not have all the keys with you, we cannot guarantee locks will not be changed before we receive them in our office. Often times we have tight turn overs (in some cases 24 hours) and we do not have time to determine if we actually received the correct keys. It is important you make sure you have everything with you the first time so we can log everything in properly.
12) You will be asked for a forwarding address and phone number. We use the forwarding address you give us to mail the deposit refund check. In the case of multiple tenants, deposits will be mailed to the forwarding address of any 1 tenant.
13) Deposit refunds will be mailed to the rental address in absence of any forwarding address.
14) If the office is closed, please place all the items listed in step 9 above in an envelope and write your unit address on the sealed envelope. Make sure you leave a forwarding address and phone number with the keys you drop off.
15) All keys must be turned in at the same time. We will not accept keys related to move outs at different times. Tenants should coordinate with the final tenant in the unit to be responsible for returning all the keys, permits, etc.
16) Once keys are received in our office, the move out inspection will be performed with 4 business hours.

After the Move Out:

How Move Out Charges Are Determined – 4 main categories (Paint / Flooring / Cleaning / Maintenance):

1) At inspection, Apex will document all cleaning, painting, carpet and damage issues found in the unit.
2) Items found will be compared with the condition checklist or the original move in video that was completed at move in.
3) You will be responsible for any damages or painting that are not considered normal wear & tear AND are not documented on the move in checklist.
4) You will be charged for any cleaning needed that was not documented at move in.
5) All deposit refunds will be mailed from our office approximately 21 days from receipt of all unit keys.

Move Out Charge Disputes:

1) If you disagree with a charge, please contact us at
2) Please indicate exactly what you are disputing so she can review the move out video, talk to the move out agent and review all other related documents.
3) The operations manager will call you within 48 business hours of receipt of the email to talk about the findings.

Holdover Charges: If you remain in your unit for any reason beyond NOON on the date your Lease expires or fail to return keys by the same date / time, you will be charged a holdover fee equal to $100 each day + the cost of the daily rent for each day in the holdover period.

Deposit Returns Involving Multiple Roommates: Deposits will be returned in the names of all tenants on the lease as of the date of expiration. Request to split checks must be in writing and signed by ALL tenants. A fee of $5 per check applies to any split checks.

Houses: Garbage/Recycling bins must be empty on day of move out. Call for any special pickups from SSC if needed. Make sure all your garbage, water/sewer, and gas bills are paid through the date keys are returned. If you are responsible for lawn care, all the beds must be weeded and clear of debris bushes trimmed and grass cut as described in your Lease. All yard waste must be removed.