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Move In Process

Approximately 20 days before moving in:

  1. On the financial page you receive at approval, you will be given a pre-established date & time for move in. Contact our office if you need to make any changes to this date or time.
  2. Approximately 10 to 20 days before you move in, you will receive an email reminder from our office of the following:
    a. Pre-scheduled day / time of when keys can be picked up

    b. Balance due before keys can be released (this is usually the rent due for the month, the pet fee, if that applies, last month’s rent, if that applies and our administrative fees).

    c. Reminder regarding setting up utilities and which utilities may apply.

On Move-in Day:
The day of move in can be a stressful one. There are a few items you will need to make sure are taken care of before we can give you your keys.

  • You will come to our main office at 2020 Pacific Street to pick up your keys – NOT the apartment unless otherwise instructed. Most of our communities do not have on-site offices.
  • When you come in to pick up the keys all balances must be paid either with a check, money order, cashier’s check, or online through the tenant portal. Credit cards, debit cards, and cash are NOT accepted in the office. Cards may be used in the online portal. Keys will not be released until all balances are paid in full.
  • Completing your Move-in Condition Check List:
    Prior to your move in, Apex did an inspection of the property and took videos of the unit to establish the condition at move-in. You will be given the move-in condition check list to add anything you see that Apex did not record. These items include, but are not limited to: scratches, dents, dings, stains, cracked or missing items, etc. It is your responsibility to verify the condition of the unit is adequately and accurately documented on your check list. The condition check list must be returned to Apex within 72 hours. The Condition Check List is a legal document and is the single most important document that will help determine how much of your deposit will be returned at the end of your lease – this document is meant to protect you from being charged at move-out for pre-existing issues. Be as descriptive as possible and if you are not sure you should document something…document it!

    At the end of your lease, you must return the unit back to us in the EXACT same condition less normal wear and tear. In addition to the checklist, our move-in inspector will take video of the unit as well. The video link will be listed on the last page of the condition check list. Review the video and the notes the Apex agent writes on the last page of the check list. Apex will not document items in each individual category. If you would like to take photos at move-in we certainly encourage it, however we ask that you hold onto these until move-out as we do not have a good way to store everyone’s photographs.

    Getting to know your unit:
    When you move into a property, it is helpful to know where important items are located. Take the time to locate the following:

    • Main circuit breaker
    • Gas shut off valve (if applicable)
    • GFI outlets
    • Main water shut off
    • Water shut offs below the sinks and behind toilets
    • If you have a de-humidifier in your unit, contact the office for proper usage instructions

    Frequently asked questions regarding the move in process:

    1. Do all tenants need to be there to pick up the keys?
      a. NO – if all documents have been pre-signed, only 1 tenant needs to be present. But this tenant will receive all keys. We do not issue keys separately to each tenant. In addition, the entire balance due at move in must be paid.
    2. May the date / time to pick up keys be changed?
      a. Any date / time changes must be scheduled – call our office or email to request any changes.

      b. Your move-in date typically cannot be changed for an earlier date. Your move-in time may be changed to earlier or later in the day (so long as no last-minute work is being done in the unit). Contact our office for details.

      d. The date of move in can always be later but rent will start on the move in date. You must have all balances paid by the move in date to not be considered late. But you can pick up keys on any day after the move in date. Keep in mind we are not open on weekends or past 5:00 PM. You must call or email our office to request a change in your move-in date.

    3. May someone other than the person listed on the lease pick up keys at move-in?
      a. Yes, if the balances have been paid in full and all documents have been pre-signed. Any one of the tenants may give us authorization IN WRITING as to who will be picking up the keys. Send an email to authorizing (list their full name) to pick up keys on your behalf and include the last 4 digits of your social security number to act as a signature.

      b. The person picking up keys must show a valid picture ID before we can release the keys to confirm their identity and any remaining move-in balances must also be paid prior to the keys being released.