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Death, Taxes, and Internet Reviews

The wonderful world of ZELP and our side of the story!

In today’s age where people can post negative information on the internet without any accountability, it is almost impossible for a company to defend themselves.  When people get angry (whether warranted or not), they feel that the web is their only option to do anything. More often than not, these “reviews” are anonymous and vague. And when there are details about a situation, the facts are misrepresented in order to get sympathy on their side. Because these postings are oftentimes anonymous, they are left unchallenged. We cannot sue for a false claim when we cannot even identify who is making the claim. And when we get a good review, there are people online who will claim that these reviews are fake.  You cannot win in the virtual world.

With that said, over the past 16 + years of business and dealing with over 30,000 individuals, the number of negative reviews is minimal.  The owners of the units we manage do not hire us to make friends.  They hire us to protect their investment.  When you deny someone a place to live because they do not meet our rental criteria, when you fine someone for violating a lease term, when you charge someone for damage to a rental unit that was in excess of normal wear and tear, when you decide not to re-rent to someone because of on-going issues or difficulties in dealing with the tenant(s), or when you tow someone that is illegally parked, you do NOT make friends.  While most people take personal responsibility for their actions, some get very angry and feel that we are just picking on them. These people tend to think that they are not accountable for their actions. People often do not understand that we owe a responsibility to both the owner and to all residents of the building to enforce all Lease terms. Fines in our lease are because “please do not do that” has not been effective (we have actually tried this approach when we first opened our doors). We have found that there have to be consequences.  In our business, the only consequence that we have at our disposal is to fine someone and / or to refuse to re-rent to someone (or eviction if the violation is very serious).  In instances where the tenant refuses to comply even after fines, etc., the situation can become confrontational.   At times, people have entered or called our office and have verbally attacked staff members. Usually, after such an attack, the offending party likes to state how unprofessional and rude our staff was. The internet is often the final way for these people to vent their anger and frustration. But again, that is just this business.  It is because we do our jobs well that some people do not like us.

We have jobs because many owners understand the fact that being a landlord can be a no win situation with some people and the owners do not want to deal with these issues themselves.   This is why there are negative reviews on our company and on every other property management company in the entire country.  If you read any property management company’s reviews, they all are generally the same.  This is not to say that there are times that we may mishandle something.  After all we are human and sometimes make mistakes.  But for the most part we do a difficult job responsibly and as positively as possible.  We are a very good property management company and have a lot of happy renters!

Thank you for taking the time to read our side of the story.

Posted by: apexpropertymanagement on March 31, 2016
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